Lending Parameters

We consider each case on its own merits. As a general guide, we lend according to the following criteria:

Details Criteria
Loan Amount $750,000 to $20,000,000
Loan Terms 3 to 24 months plus 12 month possible extension
Asset Type Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Office, Hotel, Self Storage, MHC
Security First Mortgage, Pledge of Equity
Geographic Region NY, NJ, CT, PA and and other major US cities
Borrower Entity Special Purpose Entity
Loan-to-Value Max to 75%
DSCR Requirement Minimum 1.0x or funded interest reserve
Amortization Interest Only
Interest Rate Fixed or Floating
Minimum Fixed Rate 9.99%
Floating Rate Floor Greater of 5% or SOFR at time of closing for floating rate
Minimum Floating Rate Loan Spread 4.99%
Origination Fee Minimum 1%
Exit Fee Minimum 1%
Prepayment Freely Prepayable
Recourse 100% (can be reduced in certain cases) and 100% bad boy

If parts of your loan do not meet these parameters, this will not automatically result in an application being rejected. Please give us a call to discuss your loan in more detail.